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There’s always going to be a lot of discussion about which destination is the best place to retire overseas. Of course, that location will differ for most people. However, I convinced my associate and guest blogger who currently lives in Panama (and has for years) to sit for a no-holds-barred interview of her experiences over there.

Here it is.  Hope you enjoy it.

Retire Overseas to Panama, Interview with Boomer Mary pt 1

Retire Overseas to Panama, Interview with Boomer Mary pt 2

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Retire Overseas to Beautiful Brazil

Retire Overseas to Beautiful Brazil

Because it can be less expensive to live in other countries, more and more Americans are choosing to retire overseas. These people don’t go to live in Paris, Vienna, or Monaco, but in locations closer to home such as Mexico, Ecuador, and Panama. These locations have low costs of living for retired people. But are these American retirees actually wanted in these countries?

I enjoy traveling and have lived in many other countries. So have members of my immediate family. Our favorite places to go include France, Senegal, China, Morocco, Italy, Ghana, Brazil, South Africa, and Martinique. We really can’t say that we’ve ever had a bad overseas living experience, and we’ve felt welcome everywhere we’ve been. We have often stayed in the homes of local citizens.

My two youngest children and I have all taken part in fantastic study abroad programs. My children have gone back to their host countries a few times and visited their overseas “homes.” They have always been welcomed as family members.  This is something you, too, can expect when you learn to speak a new language and embrace the life and culture of the locals – as opposed to simply remaining a tourist.

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Retire Overseas to a Safe, Beautiful Environment

Retire Overseas to a Safe, Beautiful Environment

Retire Overseas? These days, many Americans are reluctant to travel to foreign countries, much less consider retiring abroad. The war on terror has clearly raised the level of fear about venturing outside the United States.

However, I know many people who have lived abroad and not one has ever been a victim of crime. As long as you stay aware of your surroundings, secure your belongings and avoid potentially unsafe situations (just as you would in the United States), you are unlikely to find yourself in harm’s way. That said, here are my common-sense tips for anyone thinking about retiring overseas.

Other expatriates should be able to tell you where high-crime areas are so that you can avoid them. Locals can also tell you about places where you shouldn’t go. We generally develop an instinct that tells us when we are in neighborhoods that are dangerous. Don’t wear flashy clothes or costly jewelry when you’re on public transportation. A cheap plastic watch will work well enough to help you know the time.

Don’t take too many things with you when you travel, but carry a travel wallet that fits inconspicuously under your clothes. Don’t wear a big fanny pack or purse, and don’t flash lots of money because that will make you a target for pickpockets anywhere that you go. Entire busloads of foreigners can be attacked when on public transportation in some countries. Stay alert and vigilant.

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Retire Overseas - Is It Safe for Americans?

Retire Overseas - Is It Safe for Americans?

Where to retire?  It can be difficult to determine  the best places to retire. Before you leave the country, try living in your would-be retirement country, so that you can be sure if you will be comfortable in your new home.

You should spend no less than six straight months outside of the country. You will need at least that long to get a real feel for your new country.

These are three locations to consider if you want to retire overseas because they combine low costs of living, rich culture, good infrastructure, inexpensive real estate, reasonable safety, clement climate, and discounts for retired people.

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Every year the number of Americans who choose to retire overseas increases.

Would you like to be one of these expatriate pioneers?

Retire Overseas - The Boomers Set the Pace

Retire Overseas - The Boomers Set the Pace

There are several excellent reasons to do this.  While some people may not want to leave their family and friends behind, others find the call of foreign lands irresistible. If you are one of these people you may want to start looking for some of the best places to retire abroad.

Many people do this by taking extended vacations in prospective countries to see if they will eventually want to move there. Once you have done this, and come up with a payment plan.  You can make your decision.

Americans are experiencing another baby boomer trend.  Seniors are choosing to retire abroad. The high cost of living, increase in taxes, and the bad economic conditions of recent years are combining to make living abroad a real possibility that can also make financial sense for American seniors.

These reasons combine with the possibility of the adventure of living in a new country to make relocation to foreign soil an appealing option for many seniors.

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Retire Overseas to Costa Rica

Retire Overseas to Costa Rica

Retire overseas. That’s a viable option for many of us nowadays. With the cost of travel going down and the standard of living in other countries going up, it’s a likely possibility that we can live a good life somewhere else.

Is this for you?

There are a few things to reflect upon. Let’s consider Costa Rica as an example of what it’s like to retire abroad since it’s a prime choice for American retirees.

For Americans, living in Costa Rica is easier than you may think. Flights between the two countries are short and relatively inexpensive, and your standard of living in Costa Rica can be higher than it might be if you stayed in the United States. Flying from Costa Rica, for example, is just as quick and easy as flying in from Florida to New York. Living in Costa Rica allows you to live cheaply, but in style, while keeping you close to home.

The two main purposes of retiring abroad is to find a less expensive and higher quality way of life. Costa Rica is definitely the place to find both. Compared to real estate values of the southern U. S. states, Costa Rican property costs 70% less.  So retiring abroad in Costa Rica is not only possible on a pension of $2500 per month, but it can also be a very comfortable introduction to expatriate living.

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Hi, I’m Angela Arnold.
Retire Overseas to Hong Kong

Retire Overseas to Hong Kong

I’ve always fantasized that I would retire overseas – living a life of thrilling dinner conversation, combined with awesomely beautiful beaches, inspirational landscapes, and breath-taking scenery.

Now that I’m knocking pretty hard on that retirement door, I’ve decided to take a good long look at my retire overseas possibilities.

I love to travel. Meeting new, exotic peoples, embracing different cultures,  and learning different languages are fun and attractive pastimes for me.

Over the next few months and years, I will be conducting a ton of research concerning retiring overseas.

Where are the best places to retire? What is the expatriate life like in the regions I like?

Is it possible to retire early or retire young?  What do I need to do to make it happen?  How much money do I need?  Can I get access to good health care?

Retirement living should be vibrant, enjoyable, and passionate. I’ll be reporting on everything I find. I don’t have any hidden agenda, so I’ll tell it like it is.

Relax, and come back to visit frequently. I’ll try to post daily, so subscribe to my special reports and my RSS feed if you don’t want to miss any of this insider information.

Take care, and best wishes for the retirement of your dreams.

We’re working on new projects everyday concerning retiring overseas and expatriate living.  If you’ve spent time abroad,  and you would be willing to have one of our editors interview you, or if you would like to be a guest blogger, please get in touch: support@retireoverseasnow.com

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